Ordinary Things with Gospel Intentionality

by Andy Duke

As I mentioned in the video update above, we’ve been doing a lot of ordinary things over the past two weeks. Heather, the kids, and I moved into an apartment – where we’ll live for 3 months, until our house is completed. We’ve updated addresses, opened a new bank account, and established internet service. Yet each of these activities have allowed us the opportunity to meet new people, hear new stories, and start new relationships.

As a professor of mine used to say,
“Living on mission is about doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality.”

Of course, I can’t wait for the day that we lead that first person to faith in Christ here in northern Colorado. And I can’t wait until we start public worship services for our church. But, in His wisdom, God has chosen to use the relationships we build during everyday activities as the context for showing His love and sharing His gospel.

So, what does it look like to do ordinary things with gospel intentionality?

First…what it doesn’t mean.
1. People aren’t projects. These friendships – these newly established relationships – are not contingent upon whether someone is interested in our faith. We want to love people and speak truth into their lives even if they never claim Jesus as Lord or join our church.

2. Christ’s plan is not simply that Christians would invite people to a program at a building. It’s far more personal and relational than that. Christ’s plan is that we enter into people’s everyday lives, show them what a life changed by the gospel looks like, and share that gospel which has changed us. 

3. Doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality is costly and risky. It costs time and comfort. It would be much easier to go about our day never engaging people for the sake of the gospel…never inviting them into our homes for meals…never listening to their thoughts and ideas…never being vulnerable about our own weaknesses as followers of Jesus. It would be much more comfortable to never interject truths from God’s word into conversations. The chance of facing rejection would be much lower if we never even mention the name of Jesus.

But, in reality, rejection doesn’t taste as bad as our pride would have us believe.
And it’s worth the risk of rejection if there is a change that our friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors might be able to experience the joy that’s found in knowing Christ!

3 thoughts on “Ordinary Things with Gospel Intentionality”

  1. Thank you, Andy, for sharing your heart, which is the heart of God for Windsor. I pray that as you do ordinary things, the Lord will produce extra-ordinary results.
    Love in Jesus, Helen George


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