Days 3-4: Narrowing Things Down

Two more days on the Front Range have passed so quickly.

Steve and I had meetings from sun up to sundown yesterday (Thursday). We met with a youth pastor from the town of Windsor for breakfast; then on to lunch with three northern Front Range planters. After lunch we explored an area that seems to meet most of our desired criteria for the plant. We heard about a new opportunity in this area on Wednesday at lunch, and it seems like our attention has been set on it ever since.

I’m far from ready to make a declaration that “This is the place,” but I do feel confident enough to direct your prayers specificially to the area of west Greeley.


*This is a section of the Engage Map, created by the North American Mission Board. You can explore the map for yourself here.

Basic information:
Population is around 100k (city-data.com).
5th fasting growing city in the nation (according to The Loveland City Update).
Currently only three English-speaking Southern Baptist churches (SBS.net)
The University of Northern Colorado (the other UNC!) is only 15 minutes away.
There is a high degree of ethnic and economic diversity compared to the rest of the Front Range.
The blue dot on the above map is a spot that has been identified by NAMB as needing a church plant.
Residential (and otherwise) growth is exploding in this area.
People who live here commute to Greeley, Fort Collins, and even Denver to work.

Please pray for our team as we begin to focus attention on west Greeley. Pray that if this is the place, it would be abundantly clear; and, of course, if it is not the place, that that  would be clear as well.

I (Andy) spent the entire day today (Friday) in the city thinking, praying, researching, and meeting.

I met with a dear pastor and youth pastor from Colorado Springs for lunch. He is a friend of one of our Christ Baptist Church members. This afternoon a planter in Denver Metro met with me and graciously offered words of encouragement and wisdom.

Steve and I have decided to stay in Greeley tonight (instead the city, as originally planned). We will be prayer walking and driving through the area most of the day. As one of our friends back home texted me this morning, we merely want to hear from God, “This is the way; walk in it” (Isa. 30:21).

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