Day 2: Back and Forth

Yesterday (Wednesday) was an incredible day, but a busy one. Steve and I had breakfast at the Denver Biscuit Company with a city church planter. You should see the biscuits they have at this place!

During the meeting we discussed our Christ Baptist summer mission trip and possible plant locations on the east side of the city; but the “gem” in this conversation was the wisdom this planter gave us regarding our families.

It may seem obvious, but the great challenge in church planting is sustainability. Some locations are very hard spiritual ground, not reaping fruit for a long time. Others present extreme financial or cultural challenges. Regardless of the hurdle, there is usually a reason that an underserved region is underserved. It’s hard to reach!

But a big part of the passion that I have (and our team has) in planting this church is for reaching a hard place. Sometimes we get crazy looks when we talk about leaving what’s comfortable to go where it’s hard, but what eternal hope will those in hard places have apart from a witness to Jesus (Rom. 10:14)?

There is, however, a wise balance to this mentality. I think our city-planter friend understood this. He talked about how our plant location needs to be somewhere our families can feel safe and, to a degree, comfortable.

Comfort is a very relative term. God can prepare us to be joy-filled and at-home in any context He wants us; but as we move forward, I want to be aware of the team that God has given me and where we fit best.  Pray for me in this.

After downtown Denver, Steve and I headed to the northern Front Range, near Fort Collins. At a lunch meeting, we found out about an opportunity we were not aware of before. There is a town east of Fort Collins, Greeley, that has a significant population of internationals (one quality that I would like our plant location to possess). It is a bit more affordable than some of the towns right next to I-25, and the need for a church plant in this location has been clearly established.

After lunch, we headed down to the city again to meet with another planter. Then, late last night, we drove back to Fort Collins to sleep. It was a back and forth kind of day!

This morning we’ll spend some time in Windsor, and we have a lunch meeting in Fort Collins after that. But we’ve now adjusted the rest of our day to explore this newly-discovered opportunity in Greeley.

Please pray Steve and me as we look carefully at this city.

My desire in this trip is to receive (or at least to begin to receive) a profound sense of call to a particular location. This is not outside God’s ability or desire. If He is calling us to the Front Range, I know this will happen soon.

Thank you for your prayers.

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